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Our rootbarrier or rhizomebarrier is suitable for controlling the spread of of all running (Phyllostachys) and clumping (Fargesia) temperate bamboos. We provide 1mm and 2mm thickness. 2mm is sutable for even the tallest bamboos, for example Phyllotachys, Semiarundinaria, Pseudosasa, Fargesia robusta. Clumping bamboos do need rootbarrier as well. Even they grow 25cm per year in diameter so they are quickly on the other side of the fence, under your terrace or in your lawn.

Rootbarrier has other uses:

  • border guard against weeds of surrouding plots on allotments or root growth of your neighbours hedge
  • lining of the inside of wooden plant trays to protect against rot by contact of water and earth

HDPE stands for High Density Poly Ethylene or High Density Poly Ethylene. Other names are rhizome limiter, root stop, root barrier, root barrier, root guide and root block. It is a hard yet flexible sheet material, bendable at all angles and cutable. Our HDPE is produced in the Netherlands, from 100% recycled material, is UV resistant, waterproof and will last for decades. Return to the municipal waste station for recycling after use.