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About Rhizomebarrier (wortelbegrenzer.nl)

wortelbegrenzer.nl is the online store of Bamboogrowers - Henriëtte Keijzer Tuinontwerp from IJsselstein Utrecht, Netherlands. We grow bamboo since 1995 and have been supplying many years our rootbarrier to full satisfaction.
Our rootbarrier is suitable for controlling the spread of temperate bamboos. You can use the rootbarrier for solitary plants and hedges. The material can be guided in any form.
Nature is unfortunately not predictable and it may happen that a rhizome still escapes underneath or even through the material. You apply it at your own risk.

We're here to help with questions and problems, please call or email our customer service.

Henriëtte Keijzer Tuinontwerp
Achtersloot 122
3401NZ IJsselstein Ut
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