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HDPE root barrier 2mm 70cm

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Root barrier of HDPE 2mm thick and 70cm high. Controls the root growth of bamboos, trees and weeds. Protects pipes and cables against unwanted root growth. Click on the Adjust button and choose the desired length from the list.

Shipping Tips
  • We can ship up to 20 meters in 1 length with parcel post up to 30 kg. Heavier is not good for health.
  • If you need more, you can opt for pallet transport at extra cost or for free shipping in several parts with possibly a connection set. You choose a pallet shipment at checkout. We pay a surcharge to the parcel service of EUR 3.65 if the parcel is from 23 kg. If you choose parts up to 15 meters, we can keep the costs low for everyone.
  • You can pick up any length from us, we will cut it from the roll to size. If you need 32 meters, choose 30 + 2 meters. We understand that you want it in 1 piece when you pick it up.
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HDPE root barrier 2mm 70cm
HDPE root barrier 2mm 70cm

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    Root barrier of HDPE 2mm thick and 70cm high.

    HDPE stands for High Density Polyethylene. It is a well-known plastic. Other names are rhizome limiter, root stop, root guide and root block.

    It is a hard solid yet flexible sheet material.

    We produce our HDPE in the Netherlands from 100% recycled material. It lasts for decades. After use, return it to the municipal waste station for recycling.


    Our root barrier is suitable for limiting the root urge of all rampant (Phyllostachys, Sasa, Pseudosasa) and clump-forming (Fargesia) bamboos in the temperate climate. Non-invasive bamboos also need root barrier. They grow 25 cm in diameter per year, so they can easily be found on the other side of the fence, under the terrace or in the grass.

    • Restricts root growth of bamboos, trees, invasive plants and weeds
    • Protects pipes and cables against unwanted root growth
    • 100% recyclable plastic
    • UV resistant
    • Waterproof
    • Easy to cut with a cutting knife
    • Foldable into corners

    It's not a carrot cloth! That is porous, woven soft plastic and permeable to water.

    Instructions for use

    You dig a trench with a spade and place the root barrier vertically in the ground. You leave 5 cm above the ground to hold back the rhizomes that run above the ground. With a connection set (to be ordered separately) you place the ends of the root barrier 5 cm over each other and you screw both plates together with the bolts and nuts.

    For a hedge we recommend a minimum width of 60cm, but less is possible. For a solitary bamboo, we recommend a minimum diameter of 60 cm or a square of 50x50 cm.


    EAN numbers

    6013747986920 2mm70cm-1m
    6013738488433 2mm70cm-2m
    7433647395315 2mm70cm-3m
    7433647393397 2mm70cm-4m
    7433647394318 2mm70cm-5m
    7433647393373 2mm70cm-7m
    7433647393380 2mm70cm-8m
    7433647394301 2mm70cm-6m
    6013738098038 2mm70cm-9m
    7433647394325 2mm70cm-10m
    6013752160100 2mm70cm-11m
    7433647393366 2mm70cm-12m
    6013740687602 2mm70cm-13m
    6013749570509 2mm70cm-14m
    7433647394332 2mm70cm-15m
    6013750327307 2mm70cm-16m
    6013751355330 2mm70cm-17m
    6013741931964 2mm70cm-18m
    6013740383313 2mm70cm-19m
    7433647394349 2mm70cm-20m
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