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Use a professional polet tree spade to excavate or divide bamboo plants in the garden. There are three models with a narrow, long blade made of high-quality alloy steel with full fiberglass handle (10x stronger than wood). There is a spade with a T-handle, a D-handle and one with a bulb handle. There are various providers online, just search the internet for the EAN number.

To remove a (proliferating) bamboo that causes nuisance, you must remove all rhizomes with spits and pull out. A bamboo does not go deep, so it is fine to dig, provided you use the right material. If you cannot reach part of the runaway bamboo rootstocks, remove the nutritional supply and exhaust it. To do this, cut the rhizomes and remove the culms down to the ground. Keep repeating this until the bamboo stops rising.

Extra hardened blade
Top finish: polished
Finely ground edge
With 2 feet
Dimensions sheet: 35x13cm
Blade thickness: 3.5mm


Handle length: 105cm
Top finish: polished
Manufacturer article number 101004F
EAN code: 5410685011058
PROF. BOOMSP 350/130 / 3.5 2V BOL FIB. 9001 1.05M


Handle length: 85cm
Brand Polet
Manufacturer article number 101005F
EAN code: 5410685060551
PROF. BOOMSP 350/130 / 3.5 2V T-ST FIB. 9001 85CM


Handle length: 85cm
Brand Polet
Manufacturer article number 102005F
EAN code: 5410685800225
PROF. BOOMSPADE 350/130 / 3.5 D-ST FIB. 9001 85CM


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