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Closure strips set 64cm

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2 galvanised strips 640x30x2 mm with 5 bolts and nuts

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2 galvanised strips 640x30x2 mm with 5 bolts and nuts

Put the ends of the root barrier with an overlap of 5 cm directly on each other. A z-fold form is not necessary. The closure strips are placed directly on both sides of the root barrier and screwed to each other.

EAN: 6013748490471


  1. Dig a trench so deep that the root limiter protrudes 5 cm above it
  2. Place a slat of at least 64cm on the ground
  3. Fold the two ends of the root barrier over 5 cm over each other
  4. Place one strip on the root barrier as a template for drilling
  5. Drill with a metal drill 6-7mm top and bottom holes
  6. Set the root barrier upright and hold the strips on both sides (an extra hand is helpful)
  7. Push a bolt through the top of the strips and the root barrier and fasten the nut
  8. Do the same at the bottom
  9. Drill the remaining intermediate three holes through the root barrier
  10. Attach the intermediate bolts and nuts
  11. Set the root barrier in the soil and hold it in place with slats
  12. Fill the trench with soil and place the bamboo
  13. Remove the slats
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